Book cover: Introduction to R

New book on the way: Introduction to R

An Introduction to R: Data Analysis and Visualisation

My new book An Introduction to R: Data Analysis and Visualisation is nearing completion. Due to be published by Pelagic Publishing.

An Introduction to R: Data Analysis and Visualisation

This book is intended as a foundation course in using R for Data Science and a springboard for further exploration into Data Analysis and Data Visualization.

In this book you will learn how to use the R program. You’ll learn how to get started with R, in particular:

  • Making and Importing Data items.
  • Exporting Data.
  • Managing and Manipulating Data objects.
  • Summarizing and Aggregating Data.
  • Visualizing Data.
  • The basics of Data Analysis, including:
    1. Differences tests.
    2. Correlation.
    3. Association.
    4. Regression.
  • R Programming Functions.

The book covers a range of topics including: importing/exporting data, summarizing data, visualizing data, data analysis (including: regression, ANOVA, and association), and programming functions.

Other features include:

  •  Useful for beginners and also as a reference for more seasoned veterans.
  • Plenty of examples throughout, as well as additional notes and tips.
  • Chapter summaries in concise table format help the book to be used as an ongoing reference work.

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Look out for An Introduction to R, coming soon…

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